• It's not about the nail...

    • Mary Larkin
    • 10 October 2016
    I watched this short video recently and started thinking about the way we communicate Is it about the nail or is it about communication?
  • Say NO

    Making vulnerability your friend

    • Mary Larkin
    • 10 December 2015
    Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. The thought of letting our guard down and others seeing our authentic selves is daunting.
  • Say NO

    The power of "no"

    • Mary Larkin
    • 5 August 2015
    How many times have you been in situations where the word going through your mind is no and yes is the word that you articulate?
  • gambling

    Gambling Addiction | The Hidden Illness

    • Mary Larkin
    • 23 June 2015
    Dr Colin O’Gara discusses Gambling Addiction with Ray Darcy. Compulsive gambling is a serious condition that can destroy lives.
  • manage stress

    The A to Z of managing stress..

    • Mary Larkin
    • 08 May 2015
    A - Assert yourself – by letting others know what your needs are. The more you assert yourself the less stressed you become.
  • Pursuit of happiness

    Pursuit of happiness

    • Mary Larkin
    • 21 March 2015
    Shakespeare spoke of it “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare. Pharrell Williams spoke of it “Because I’m happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, because I’m happy”
  • Five everyday tips to fall in love with - yourself

    Five everyday tips to fall in love with - yourself

    • Mary Larkin
    • 15 April 2015
    Dr Seuss is one of my favourites, even now on occasion I find myself leafing through Dr Seuss when in a book shop. The quotation above is my favourite Dr Seuss quotation - being you is amazing. However, very often that’s not the way it feels.